Weingut Fries


Fruity, fresh and sparkling, this wine comes right to the point. The vineyards reflect the terroir of the place. The result: light and uncomplicated wines. A friend for every day.

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Some days are special. Such a day of joy deserves a special bottle. A wine from single parts to 100 aged in oak barrels. Spontaneously fermented in perfect balance with fine ripe aromas – a day of joy in fluid harmony.

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Days and years can go by unnoticed. But this “CELEBRATION DAY” is here to stay. It lifts you up out of your day to day routine. To make this perfect day quite unforgettable, we have used all of our expertise to create these wines. The grapes come from selected vineyards with a long family tradition. We hand-pick every single grape, develop the wine with great care and leave it to mature for a long time in small oak barrels. This is certainly worth the effort, resulting in wines as golden as the autumn with an overwhelming opulent flavour. In short, “CELEBRATION DAY” is a day you’ll never forget. The jubilee day remains. That’s why we give everything for this wine. The grapes come from layers with a long family tradition, and we sort every single berry by hand. This is how wines with overwhelming taste opulence are produced.

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