Weingut Fries



There are some days that are very special. You don’t want to let them just pass you by. A special day like this deserves a special bottle of wine. This wine comes from single, classified steep slopes, where the grapes have been given time to ripen fully. Up to 100% matured in oak casks, natural fermentation with no fining. In perfect balance with delicate, ripening aromas – an absolutely “Joyful Day” in liquid harmony.

Wines that are perfect for a particularly beautiful and happy day are called Freudentag or “JOYFUL DAY”.

JOYFUL DAY wines can have different flavours and come from different vintages. JOYFUL DAY is a Spätlese or an Auslese quality wine. Depending on the price range, some of these wines are from very special vineyards. JOYFUL DAY wines include barrique-matured pinot noirs as well as special sparkling wines.

Preisklasse: 10 – 19 €



Weine aus klassifizierten Steillagen