Weingut Fries


The winery Fries is located in the southwest of Germany in the middle of the wine-growing region Mosel, on the outskirts of Maring-Noviand, a small side valley of the Moselle near Bernkastel. The owner is Markus Fries. After studying in Geisenheim/Rheingau and Bordeaux/France (Faculté d’Oenologie), he continues the winery in the 8th generation. It is primarily grown in Riesling.


We make Riesling different, especially, also for reflection. For our customers we want to offer high quality wines, wines that show their origin and are authentic, far from the crowd. No frills, no tricks, pure wine! Steep slope is lived and desired, the more steep the better.

Markus Fries



As a rule, we do not exert any influence during the wine development. On the contrary: the basement work is reduced to a “nothing”: there are no additives, no finishings and even a filtration is carried out only at the end of the expansion just before the bottle filling. On the other hand, we are working very qualitative improvements in the vineyard. Every small step of the work is weighed up here. The harvest itself takes place in several steps and from late harvest quality each grape is subjected to a strict selection.

Steillagen in Familienbesitz


The vineyards are located in the steep slopes of Bernkastel, Liesertal, Wehlen and Ürzig. A large part of the area is planted with root-like and very old vines. Each vineyard has its own peculiarity. Each type of soil, combined with the location and its associated microclimate, produces a unique wine with a specific character. The winery is certified as an organic farm.
Slate is the classic location for the Riesling. There are many good vineyards. The “master class” is, however, undisputed the steep position. Only it has the microclimate and the soil that turns a good Riesling into a great Riesling. Steep slope is lived and desired, the more the better.

Ökologischer An- und Ausbau der Weine



We are still pursuing the path to the best possible quality – without compromise. In recent years, we have bought some plots with root-like Riesling vines in a very old stock. Other plots in Noviand have been replanted. With a planting density of 10,000 vines per hectare (!). Due to this high planting density – as it has been forgotten today – we achieve a very deep and a much better rooting with the mineral slate soil. A lower yield per stick and thus a relief of the vine is a positive side effect.


Wein ist unsere Leidenschaft

Our wine estate specializes in Riesling wine, with top vineyards in the Bernkastel, Mittelmosel and Liesertal regions. We want to offer our customers high quality wines – wines that reveal their roots and are authentic. Wines that are accompanied throughout their journey and tended to with great care. 

We are proud to drink every wine that carries our name ourselves. Why not try us out for yourself! Wines from Weingut Fries are individual characters. We value good cooperation and would be happy for you to contact with us.